No voice can be heard

In this barren landscape

Where the northern wind blows

Her icy cold breath

My heart once warm and open

Now covered with glistening layers of snow

Isolated I try to find my way

I ceaselessly try to reconnect

But even the silver threads are frozen..


When I spoke my vow, ten years ago

Delighted with love and pure devotion

My naked body cloaked by the dark of night

Surrounded by magical beings

Holding space so I could surrender 

Wholeheartedly, to her, within myself


I did not have the slightest idea

That promising to simply be who I am

To live authentically from my core

Would include such a total disruption

Leaving me exiled and bewildered

While Mother North slowly wrapped me 

In her silent, cold embrace
Where I dwelled for years, withdrawn


Saturn almost rising now

Mirroring me to take back what I lost

Or had unconsciously given away

My love and strength, my ground, my power

My heart, my worth, my self.. 


A veiled voice sounds in a pitch black sky

I recognize her, she reminds me 

Of who I am and have ever been

The wind blows softly, I listen, weary

Speak words of depth

She understands and is

The essence of my words

Carried by a million stars

They know…





The scars on my soul

Seeing them lighting up in the dark

At night

Silent wounds created by stories

Histories, herstories

Empty of presence

Cutting deep

I breathe them in

Knowing this is my story

Which I created

To come closer to my heart

A call from soul

Forcing me to look at the core

Of woundedness

And realise that

Scars are just marks at the surface

Underneath is love

Only love





This quiet intimacy

Within myself

Finding her way

In simplicity

Intoxicating stillness

Prepares me to be


To receive my self

And my Beloved

Rushing sensations

In my flowering womb

Pure exquisite sensuality

Unwillingly merged

With a touch of fear

For the consequence of

My inner wildness..

Longing in the deep

Oh how I’m longing

Unable to express

Passion seems to be quiet

As a sleeping volcano

I’m awakening

And unfolding






In the dreaming winterland

Stillness is now natures song

I can hear it in my head

Feel it in my body

Am aware of it in my being

Below the stillness

Silence awaits

In its ever vast presence

Illuminating untold stories

Echoing unsung songs

Barren lands

And forgotten worlds

Stillness is the secret doorway

To the great mystery of silence

That place where unknown territory

Opens the entrance to essence

Where nature breathes her own being

Whispers softly

While I dissolve into the soul of the land


Her veiled voice sounds

in a pitch-black sky

covered by a million stars

I recognize her

recognize her in me

graceful, powerful, sensual

she sees me in full devotion

initiated into the deep mysteries of the elements

I feel her presence in the Other World

softly embraced into reality

like an everlasting dream

in the silent presence of the dark moon

she touches me in my deepest essence

waves of intensity, woven with inner knowing

blooming like a rose, a heart so open

so receptive

come to me, come inside of me, be me

as I am you through the silver threads

connecting us through the times

enfolded by mists I stand there

receiving, giving, streaming

the well whispers softly, I listen, quietly

speak words of love

she listens and is

the essence of my words

carried by a million stars

they know

Losing her as she is looking for herself
In mundane distractions
Trying to find her way but the direction is hidden
While the moon silently guides her
and remembers her......
Of her self
My child

Meanwhile I walk in circles on a crossroad
Trying to find my way
Looking for home
Home with a hearthfire
A warm cave for a loving family
A shattered dream

I hear her voice calling me
A distant call from north
Come home, come home, come home
Here are your roots

I look and see the uprooting
Barren landscape, broken trees
Bones and nothingness
Tears fill my heart
Could this be my home...
My soul knows the answer

Bone woman stares at me
I see compassion in her eyes
Her strength, her wisdom, her love
Stripped from any emotional need
And I feel deep down in my belly
That being Home
Begins in embracing the uprooting


© 2021 the Nature of Woman. By Joyce Sterrenberg, Utrecht

Photography by Joyce Sterrenberg | 
All Rights Reserved. For more information please 
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